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PHP Programming


PHP course is designed to enable web developers and others with limited programming experience to build dynamic database driven e-commerce web sites using the PHP programming language. Since PHP is such a rich and task-specific language, the course covers the most important range of functions in depth, and equips delegates to understand the remaining less essential aspects. The pacing is adjusted to suit the needs of public delegates and non-programmers.

Course Content:

Module1:Introducing PHP
♦ What is PHP?
♦ How does PHP work?
♦ Installing PHP
♦ Installing MySQL
Module2:Getting Started with PHP
♦ PHP Syntax
♦ PHP Variables
♦ Data types
♦ Functions
♦ Function arguments
Module3:Performing Operations
♦ Arithmetical Operators
♦ Logical Operators
♦ Assignment Operators
♦ Comparison Operators
♦ Conditional Operators
Module 4: Making Statements
♦ Conditional if statement
♦ If-else statement
♦ Switch statement
♦ For loop
♦ While loop
♦ Do-while loop
♦ Interrupting loops
♦ Return statement
Module 5: Using Arrays
♦ Creating an array
♦ Changing array element values
♦ Listing array elements
♦ Getting array size
♦ Adding & Removing arrays
♦ Manipulating array
Module 6: Generating Dynamic Content
♦ Identifying browser & platform
♦ Date & Time
♦ Getting form values
♦ Displaying submitted value
♦ String Manipulation
♦ Reloading a page
♦ Browser redirection
Module 7: File Handling with PHP
♦ Opening & Closing files
♦ Reading & Writing a file
♦ Logging visitor details
♦ Enabling file uploads
♦ Creating an upload form
Module 8: Data Persistence
♦ Introduction to cookies
♦ Set a cookie
♦ Introduction to session
♦ Starting a session
♦ Setting session preferences
Module 9: Sending email with PHP
♦ Enabling PHP email
♦ Creating a feedback form
♦ Sending plain text email
♦ Sending HTML email
♦ Creating and sending attachments with email
♦ Adding error checking
Module 10: Getting started with MySQL
♦ Introducing database
♦ Exploring database tables
♦ Creating a new Database
♦ Creating a database
♦ SQL data types
♦ SQL field modifiers
♦ Inserting table data
♦ Altering an existing table
♦ Updating records
♦ Deleting data, tables & database
♦ SQL queries
Module 11: PHP & MySQL together
♦ Creating a MySQL user & password
♦ Connecting a user to MySQL
♦ Listing databases
♦ Listing table names
♦ Creating and deleting a database
♦ Creating a database table
♦ Inserting table data
♦ Altering tables
♦ Retrieving data from tables
Module 12: User Authentication
♦ Creating a user table
♦ Adding authorized users
♦ Displaying authorized users
♦ The user log in form-handler script
♦ An authenticated log-in attempt
Module 13: A PHP Guestbook
♦ Creating a guestbook database table
♦ Signing the guestbook
♦ Inserting guestbook entries
♦ Using timestamp data
♦ Viewing the guestbook
♦ More PHP resources

PHP is a popular scripting language written by and for web developers: it is quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides many of the programming tools a web developer could wish for all in a single, free, cross-platform, open-source package. PHP enables you to build highly interactive, dynamic, e-commerce web sites using server-side scripting techniques.

PHP and MYSQL are two of the most popular open source technologies to emerge during the past decade. PHP is a powerful language for writing server-side Web applications. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Together, these two technologies provide you with a powerful platform for building database-driven Web applications.

The course curriculum is designed as a combination of theory and practical. Course materials are covered with many hands on practical exercise with each theory topics.

Course Name Duration Entry requirement Fee(SGD)
PHP Programming 20 hrs Basic Computer Knowledge S$790
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