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Interior Design(3ds Max and V-Ray)

This course focuses on the design visualization toolsets of 3ds Max and V-Ray

At the end of this course, students will be able to build any interior and exterior architectural models.

Students will learn how to efficiently construct interior furnishings and V-Ray toolsets will enable to organize, place and light the designs.

Course Content:

Module1:Introduction to 3DS MAX
♦ Introduction to 3D max Interface
♦ Introduction to different 3D views
♦ Maximizing minimizing view port
♦ Changing views of a 3D object.
♦ Working with unit set up
♦ Opening New file, Saving file
♦ Pan view
Module2:3D Objects
♦ Using standard primitive objects
♦ Scaling Moving Rotating objects
♦ Selecting objects
♦ Selecting object by name
♦ Snap Toggle options
♦ Aligning 3d objects
♦ Mirror option
♦ Create Panel
♦ Modeling with standard primitive objects
♦ Editing standard primitive
♦ Editable polygons
♦ Elements of editable polygon
♦ Modifying editable polygon
♦ Using vertex and Polygon
♦ Adding, Removing, Welding vertex
♦ Extrude Polygon
♦ Beveling, Bridging, Inserting
♦ Introducing Quick slice and slice plane
♦ Using Boolean, revolve, Loft
♦ Using shape options
♦ Lathe option
♦ Modeling doors, Windows and Stairs
♦ Modeling objects using Extended primitives
♦ AEC Extended options
Module 4: Advanced modeling
♦ Advanced objects modeling
♦ Creating Elevation from the AutoCAD Drawing Plan
♦ Interior objects Modeling
Module 5: Texturing with V Ray Tools
♦ Coloring objects
♦ Material Texturing using images
♦ Steel Materials and Glass material
♦ UVW Mapping, Bump mapping
♦ Vray Displacement Mapping
♦ Giving reflections to materials
♦ Editing Materials
♦ Changing Materials
♦ Vray Light Material
Module 6: V Ray Lighting
♦ Lighting Objects with V Ray
♦ V Ray Lights
♦ V Ray Sky light
♦ Standard lights
♦ Photometric lights
♦ Direct Light
♦ Target Lights
♦ Interior Lighting
♦ Exterior lighting
♦ Applying shadow maps
♦ Intensity/Color/Attenuation
Module 7: Using Camera with V Ray Settings
♦ Using 3d Cameras
♦ Target and Free Camera
♦ Using Camera Parameters
♦ Lens options
♦ Positioning Camera
♦ Moving Camera
♦ Animating Camera with Paths
Module 8: Camera Animation
♦ Introducing Animation
♦ Animating Objects using key frame
♦ Animating Camera with Paths
♦ Taking output
Module 9: Rendering Interior and Exterior
♦ Using assign renderer
♦ V Ray Render setting
♦ Rendering 3d views
♦ Rendering stills and Movie
♦ Time out put setting
♦ Output size setting
♦ Saving files
Course Name Duration Entry requirement Fee(SGD)
Interior Design(3ds Max and V-Ray) 16 hrs Basic Computer Knowledge 480
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