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MS Excel Advanced

Course Content:

Module 1: Perform Calculations With Functions
♦ Understand Functions, Understand the Components of a Function
♦ Enter Functions in Worksheets, Type a Function Directly into a Cell
♦ Use the AutoSum Drop-Down Menu Use the Insert Function Dialog Box
♦ Nest One Function Inside Another Function, Date and Time Functions
♦ Financial Functions
♦ Logical Functions
♦ Lookup and Reference Functions (V-Lookup and H-Lookup)
♦ Mathematical Functions
♦ Statistical Functions
♦ Text Functions
♦ Refer to Cells and Ranges in Formulas
♦ Refer to Other Worksheets and Other Workbooks in Formulas
♦ Use Range Names and Labels in Formulas
♦ Troubleshoot Formulas
♦  Understand and Fix Basic Errors in Formulas
Module 2:Sort And Filter Data With Excel
♦ Sort, Perform a Quick Sort by a Single Field
♦ Perform a Multi field Sort for Finer Sorting
♦ Sort by a Custom Sort Order
♦ Filter a to Find Records That Match Criteria
♦ Perform Quick Filtering with AutoFilter Create Custom Filters
♦ Using Advanced filter
Module 3:Create Effective Charts To Present Data Visually
♦ Understand the Basics of Excel Charts
♦ Create a Chart with the Chart Wizard
♦ Choose the Right Type of Chart for Your Data
♦ Use the Chart Toolbar, Select Objects in a Chart
♦ Configure Chart Options, Change the Chart Type
♦ Change a Chart's Source Data
♦ Change a Chart's Source Data
♦ Configure and Change the Scale of an Axis
♦ Liven Up Charts with Patterns, Fills, and Pictures
♦ Format Individual Chart Elements, Print Charts
♦ Editing Chart data series
Module 4:Working with Range Names
♦ Using Range Names
♦ Creating Range Names
♦ Using Range Names in Formulas
♦ Creating Range Names from Headings
♦ Deleting Range Names
♦  Creating 3-D Range Names
Module 5:Analyze Data Using Pivot Tables And Pivot Charts
♦ Understand PivotTables
♦ Create a PivotTable Framework Using the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard
♦ Create the PivotTable on the Framework
♦ Choose PivotTable Options to Configure a PivotTable
♦ Create Pivot Charts from PivotTables
♦ Create a Conventional Chart from PivotTable Data
♦ Creating Calculated fields
♦ Inserting Slicer
Module 6:Working with Multiple Workbooks
♦ Linking Workbooks
♦ Editing the Link
♦ Consolidating Workbook &worksheets
Module 7:Protecting And Sharing The Work Book
♦ Restrict Data and Protect Workbooks
♦ Check Data Entry for Invalid Entries
♦ Protect Cells, a Worksheet, or a Workbook
♦ Protect a Workbook with Passwords
♦ Work with Comments and Add a Comment to Cell
♦ Display and Hide the Comments in a Worksheet
♦ Edit and Format Comments, Delete a Comment
♦ Insert Excel Objects in Word Documents
♦ Insert a Chart in a Word Document
♦ Insert Excel Objects in PowerPoint Presentations
♦ Insert Word Objects in Worksheets
♦ Insert PowerPoint Objects in Worksheets
Module 9: Proofing and Printing
♦ Page setup, Setting print area, Print titles
♦ Inserting custom Header and Footer
♦ Inserting objects in the header and footer
♦ Page Setup, Setting margins, Print Preview, Print
♦ Enable back ground error checking
♦ Setting AutoCorrect Options
♦ Remove the appropriate check marks to disable any unwanted features
Course Name Duration Entry requirement Fee(SGD)
MS Excel Advanced 15 hrs Basic Excel Knowledge S$320
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