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Adobe Dreamweaver

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction To Dreamweaver
♦ About Dreamweaver Interface
♦ Creating New Webpages
♦ Creating New Blank Webpage
♦ Creating New Template Webpage
♦ Saving and Closing a Webpage
Module 2: Working With Dreamweaver Sites
♦ Setting up Dreamweaver Sites Setting up Dreamweaver Sites
♦ Understanding Local and Remote Folder Structure
♦ Using the Manage Sites Dialog-Box
♦ Setting up a Testing Server, Exporting and Importing a Site,Using Site Maps
♦ Working with a Webpage without Defining a Site, Connecting to an FTP Server without Defining a Site
Module 3: Working With Webpages
♦ Designing Your First Webpage, Creating a Heading
♦ Adding Fonts, Adding Paragraphs and Line Breaks, Adding Images, Setting Page Properties
♦ Appearance, Links, Title/Encoding
♦ Tracing Image, Working with Links
♦ About Document Location and Paths
♦ Using Jump Menus, Inserting the Jump Menu Navigation Bars, Image Maps
♦ Inserting the Image Map
♦  Previewing Webpage in Web
Module 4: Working With HTML Tables And Frames
♦ Creating HTML Tables, Merging and Splitting Table, Cells, Formatting Multiple Cells in a Table
♦ Controlling Cell Options, Sorting Table Data, About Framework
♦ Understanding HTML Frames
♦  Creating Frames in Dreamweaver
♦  Saving Files in Frameset, Setting Targets and Links in Frames,
♦ Naming Frames, Changing Scrolling and Resizing Options
♦ Preparing Images for the Web, Adding Graphics
Module 5: Adding Graphics
♦ Selecting the Best Image Format, Using Photoshop to Save and Edit Images
♦ Preparing Images for the Web, Modifying JPEG Images in Photoshop
♦ Modifying GIF Images in Photoshop Inserting Images on Webpages
♦ Aligning Images on Webpages
♦ Positioning Images in an HTML Table
♦ Editing an Image in Dreamweaver
♦ Cropping an Image, Adjusting Brightness and Contrast, Sharpening an Image
♦ Inserting a Background Color
Module 6: Introduction to CSS
♦ Understanding Cascading Style Sheets
♦ CSS Rules, Creating a New CSS Rule
♦ Working with External CSS Files
♦ Using Dreamweaver Style Sheet
♦ Formatting CSS Code, Understanding CSS Page Layout
♦ Creating a Webpage with CSS Layout Working with AP Div. Elements
Module 7: Working With Templates
♦  Templates, Creating the Dreamweaver Template, Creating Blank Templates
♦ Creating a Template from an Existing webpage, Setting Tag Attributes
♦ Making Tag Attribute Editable Make an Editable Tag Attribute Un-editable
♦  Deleting Template Content, Rename a Template
♦ Open a Template for Editing
♦ Delete a Template File, Exporting a
♦ Template-Based Website
Module 8 : Working With Active Contents And HTMLForms
♦ Dreamweaver and Flash, Inserting SWF File, Creating and Inserting a Flash Button
♦ Inserting a Flash Text Object, Inserting Flash Video, Managing Extensions in Dreamweaver
♦ HTML Form Controls, Inserting Radio Buttons and Check Boxes, Inserting Drop down List
♦ Inserting Text Field and Text Area
♦ Inserting Submit Button and Reset Button
♦ Working with Java Script Behaviors
♦ Events and Actions
♦ Using Behaviors Panel for Binding Events and Actions
Module 9: Finalizing The Site
♦ Using Browser Compatibility Feature
♦ Testing Site in Specific Web Browser Version
♦ Working with Broken Links, Managing Linked Files
♦ Publishing the Website, Using Dreamweaver's
♦ Publishing Tools, Placing your Website Online
♦ Changing Local and Remote Sites, Setting Cloaking Options, Cloaking and Uncloaking Site Folders
♦ Site Management, Using the Testing Server Option
♦ Using the Check In and Check Out Option
♦ Working with the Design Notes Option,
♦ Activating Site Map Layout, Using the File View Columns Option.
Course Name Duration Entry requirement Fee(SGD)
Dreamweaver 20 hrs Basic Computer Knowledge 490
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